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How to achieve validatedNel with fp-ts

fp-ts is a great library, but it can be confusing some times. The last problem that I had was that I didn’t know how to implement validatedNel. Some methods have been deprecated, and the issue answers also didn’t help. ValidatedNel validatedNel is used to validate multiple problems and then merge them together into a single […]

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How to use web3-react

Tutorial about how to use web3-react and hardhat to read and execute Solidity contracts.

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vscode-jest doesn’t work for a react app in a yarn workspace/monorepo

I have created a simple yarn workspace with a single package. This package is the default CRA Typescript app. Repository code is on Github. In this repo: Jest works in command line (yarn workspace frontend test) Jest doesn’t work when clicking the button in vscode or on startup. Tests fail with: I can fix the […]