How to scroll to line with codemirror-react

This is for “@uiw/react-codemirror”: “^4.20.2” capture the ref to the codemirror objects 2. on each new ref callback, call the dispatch with the new selection and scrollIntoView note: I used MUI accordion, and for that the useRef didn’t seem to update when I collapsed and expanded the Accordion. Therefore I needed to update the object […]

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How to use web3-react

Tutorial about how to use web3-react and hardhat to read and execute Solidity contracts.

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vscode-jest doesn’t work for a react app in a yarn workspace/monorepo

I have created a simple yarn workspace with a single package. This package is the default CRA Typescript app. Repository code is on Github. In this repo: Jest works in command line (yarn workspace frontend test) Jest doesn’t work when clicking the button in vscode or on startup. Tests fail with: I can fix the […]